Destination: Harlow Museum and Walled Gardens

Harlow Museum & Walled Gardens is a local history museum in Harlow, Essex (UK). It is a small museum which shows historical objects and documents that tell the history of the area. The visitors can see the museum for £2 per adult, £1 per child and senior. Young children (under 5 years old) go in for free.

The museum has a cafe which offers tea, coffee and snacks. The cafe is called Corner Cafe and it is decorated with copies of posters of the Second World War. I recommend it.

The history of the museum is very interesting as the building used to be the stables of an important mansion. The Queen Elizabeth I visited the mansion three times in 15th century. Also, the museum has “walled gardens” and they were the gardens where the family grew their vegetables. Today, the Walled Gardens are divided in three different gardens and they are very impressive and beautiful. The museum’s volunteers look after the gardens.

The museum opens Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10h to 16h. The Walled Gardens are opened during the museum’s opening times too.

On Saturdays and holidays there are activities for children and families called “Time Detectives”. They are activities to teach children history and new skills. Time Detectives are a popular activity for families in the area.

Science Alive is the charity that manages the museum and the gardens. Their website is where there is information about the charity's science gallery and the museum, which are in two different places.

Harlow Museum & Walled Gardens is in Mushkam Road, Harlow. It is very close to London, 30 minutes by train.

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